25 July 2007

Flip the Page

It's just about one month until the new semester ushers in. Wow. Things are fast.

And the evidence of the new semester is slowly making its way noticed.

For one, the mail boxes in the adjacent room to my office have new names in them! I can see that some names are gone, mostly due to the fact that they graduated, but some dropped out. And there are some that are new. There are a couple of local students, local meaning from the USA, not necessarily from the Buffalo area. Most of the new students are East Asian, but there are a couple of some students that seem to be from other parts of the world. So that would be nice, meeting them and all.

I remember two years ago, when I first showed up in the department. The first student that I saw was a third-year student. Now, if some new student comes to the department before the classes start, and see me, now they will see me, a third-year student.

There is something that I usually feel during my elementary and high school years, and sometimes during my undergraduate years, that I don't feel in graduate school. It is the weird feeling that the new-comers are somewhat smaller than you. Remember when you were in 5th grade, and the next year comes, so you all are 6th graders, and you look at the new 5th graders? Remember thinking how little they were?

I guess it is due to the fact that graduate students are aligned by age. Some people stop for a while, some go to graduate school relatively late, and there are other circumstances that mess up the alignment. Plus, everybody is grown up now, so no more growing period. Thus, everyone is already big, large, tall.

Ok, I better go. I need to start writing my class's final exams. I will be giving it to them pretty soon, and so I need to prepare the whole package.

So, here is another Quito at Night Series. This shows the Plaza de Santo Domingo. This is the plaza that was nearest my hotel when I was there. You can see the illuminated Church of Santo Domingo, and the statue of Mariscal Sucre on the right side.


  1. love the new look =) Kumusta na ang propesor kong kaibigan?

  2. Hehe... maybe senior graduate students start to get white hair and wrinkles due to too much studying. :) I love that Sto. Domingo Church. It's open at night or do they just light it up?

  3. Toe,

    Hehe. Actually, I got that moment too. 2 years ago, I looked at the mirror, and voila! A bunch of white hair appeared on my head! More than the usual dose! Kasama na sa package iyan.

    The church is open at nights, but only on specific weekdays. But yes, they do illuminate it every night.