11 July 2007

Forgive Me Thailand

Yesterday, as I was showing my class different types of languages, and how different languages form their words and sentences, some hilarious episode happened.

I was showing them an example from a language called Nung. It is a language found in Vietnam. But I had this mental block and forgot where it was found. I know it was found in Southeast Asia. And I thought it was found in Thailand.

So I was going along with that idea, and I was asking the students to take a guess as to where this language is found. People were guessing, and since they can't pinpoint where, I started giving hints. I told them that this is the country where you can find the Reclining Buddha with the mother-of-pearl feet, but they still couldn't guess where it is.

Then I told them that this is the country where people go to have cheap sex-change operations. And in the back, one student immediately shouts "Thailand!"

Oh my. I didn't mean to degrade the country in any way. That was just the first thing that popped in my head, and everyone was laughing. I guess it was perfect timing for everything, my comment, the student's enthusiastic answer, everything.

And after that, after the class ended, I looked it up, and found that it wasn't found in Thailand after all. Instead, it is found in neighboring Vietnam.

So I'll correct that the first thing when we meet again.

On a different note, with regard to the roommate situation, things are getting brighter. I was called on by my future roommate's relatives, who happen to live here in the United States. They asked about the place, and told me the tentative date as to when they will be driving up from New York City to Buffalo. They sounded nice, I guess it is a good sign.

That situation just reminded me of the traditional Filipino family. Uncles and aunts help their nephews and nieces. Which makes me wonder that somehow, that is not evident in my own family. It seems that my family, for some reason or another, is rather estranged from the rest of the extended family. I guess, it is just the result of how things happened. My father's work required the family to live overseas for extended periods of time, thus, the closeness with other relatives wasn't really fostered. Apart from a select few, I really don't know the other cousins I have that well.

My roommate's aunt was asking me over the phone whether I have relatives here in the US. I told them, no. Well, I do, over to the West Coast, but do I know them well? Not really. I don't remember the last time I talked to them. Probably not even. So, technically, I do have relatives, but I cannot rely on them in case something happens. To each his own I guess.

Well, here is another shot from my Quito Centro Historico Series. This is the same plaza, but after a few minutes, guess what? There is a political demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace. And the police are there to guard it.

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  1. hi kuya,
    ang ganda naman ng tugtog mo sa blog mo ngayon. Nice music i like it anyway kaya nga namin kayo pinalaki na marunong tumayo sa sarili dahil alam namin na di tayo makakaasa sa mga extended relatives natin dahil di naman tayo close sa kanila