18 July 2007

Mongolian Rap

Yesterday, I was searching the Internet for some music sung in different languages. It was on the intent that I would use them for my class that I am teaching right now. And guess what? I found some Mongolian rap! Including the lyrics!

Oh my, I usually do not listen to rap, but this one is just amazing! And I like the fact that it is rap, so one can clearly hear the language and follow along with my Romanized lyrics, since Mongolian is usually written in Cyrillic.

So I'll be playing this tonight.

In a different vein, I read in the news that the Philippine government has started issuing machine-readable passports. Yippee! I had at least one instance where I had a longer-than-necessary time dealing with the check-in personnel in airports. Usually, when one checks in for a flight, the person in the counter will just take the first page of your passport, where there is a two-line code which tells the computer about your person, such as your name, birthdate, among others. But my passport still doesn't have that. So this one person was sort-of nearly annoyed that she had to type out my details by hand.

I know, she is a bit lazy, and what can I do?

In another incident, the person also had difficulty encoding my details, so she found one of my visas and used the two-line code in my visa instead.

One person resigned from my class, bringing the total of students down to 13. I guess that would be the best move for him, since if he didn't resign, then I'd give him a failing grade. He hasn't shown in class ever, that's why.

Which brings me to the topic why some students register for a class, pay for it, and not even show up at all! They are just wasting their money!

Anyway, this is another of my Quito at Night Series. This shows the Church of El Sagrario in a different angle. Enjoy this, while I am listening to my Mongolian rap and its guttural sounds.


  1. You know I've met some Mongolians here in Istanbul and I was very curious about their language. I thought it was similar to Chinese but apparently it's totally different.. I wonder how the rap goes...

  2. Duke,

    Try this site. You can download this certain track by pressing the button at the bottom of the box where there is the description of the track.

    It is pretty interesting, sounds like Asian rap.