30 July 2007

Nusquam Proprius

I did some errands today. I paid my rent, and ordered a new set of paper for my finances. I also went to the bank to deposit some dinero. Or rather, pieces of paper that substitutes for dinero.

Then, now I am in my office preparing for my class this afternoon. Or rather, blogging.

There was a funny incident in the bank this morning. When I walked in, one of the tellers told me that I remind her of William Hung from American Idol. Oh my goodness. Do I look like him? Why is it that everyone here thinks that I am Chinese?

Anyway, enough of that. I only have four meetings left for my class, and I can forget this episode of my life. This is a rather short one.

Tomorrow, I am helping a friend of mine move. She is moving to a different apartment, due to the fact that her current roommate is an animal. Well, technically, her roommate is a human being, but the way her roommate handles things makes you think that her roommate forgot her manners overseas. So, enough of that for my friend, and she is moving to a one-bedroom apartment for this coming year.

I discovered a band that I haven't heard of previously. They call themselves Apocalyptica, and they are a progressive metal band. Actually, they are four cellists with a drummer, and some other metal instruments as well. Basically, classical meets metal. Good sound. And they are from Finland. Speaking of Finland, did you know that Nokia is a town in Finland, where the telecommunications company had its first base of operations? They are not based there anymore, though.

So, here is another photo from my Ecuadorian Flora Series. Here are some pink flowers that look like roses but I am not so sure.

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