15 July 2007

On and Off

Let me start with the weather. I guess the weather is the perennial topic of discussion, not just in blogs, but in everyday life as well. It is a good conversation starter, and it just is something that people no matter what their background is, can relate.

Of course, one would be better off in starting a conversation with someone else about the weather, than about the amount of particle verbs that English speakers use in daily conversation.

Anyways, back to the weather.

It has been raining sporadically here. Yesterday, everything was wet. But not hard enough to merit the use of an umbrella.

Now, the clouds seems threatening, but the sun is shining in between.

Yesterday, I had breakfast at dinnertime. Well, yeah, waffles and bacon and sausage and strawberries with whipped cream, at 6:30 PM. Well, a couple of friends decided to eat together at home and then watch a movie afterward. So we did that.

This afternoon, I am going frisbee golfing. It is a game that is like golf, but not like it as well. There is a course, and the objective of the game is to get your frisbee in the basket in as few shots as possible. Like golf. I'll tell you how it turns out tomorrow.

I am teaching my class again tomorrow. Funny because the numbers continually shrink. It used to be a full class of 20. Now it is only sitting 14. We'll see how it goes. One-third of the semester is already over by the way.

So, here is my new photo series to accompany my entry. This is Quito at Night Series. And with that, the first photo is a photo of the Palacio Arzobispal (yes, I've shown this many times, but it's the most beautiful plaza I've seen so far) illuminated at night. Notice the schoolgirls dressed in short skirts.

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