05 July 2007

Then the Sun Comes Out

I hated the fact that it was raining this morning. Why is it that the weather picked the time when I would be going to school to rain hard? And then when I arrived on campus it slowed down to a trickle. And now, at 2:00 in the afternoon, it is sunny outside?

Summers here in Buffalo are weird.

Anyway, I finished writing my first homework, and I already mass-produced them. Now, I am reading these abstracts in my desk, and hopefully I have some input to give when the planning committee meets this coming Wednesday.

I had lunch with a good friend of mine. He went to Israel this past month, and now he is back. So we shared stories and caught up with things that are happening around us.

The campus is quiet. Naturally, I guess, due to the fact that it is summertime and most people are not here. I can't wait for Fall again. I can't wait for the buzz, the deadlines, the hectic pace. Ok, I better stop, or else, I will be deemed crazy.

I heard that there are a few interesting new students that are coming this Fall. Hopefully, they are interesting characters that will add colour to the department.

My itchy feet are kicking in again. I've been surfing possible hostels and lodgings in ******** for next May. So far it's been bookmarked in my browser, but that's it so far. I've also looked at flights, but again, it's too early to book yet. Besides, I myself am not sure whether I am going or not. It's still a thought swimming in my head.

Ok, my shrunken heads next to my table are saying that I should wrap this up now. So before I do that, here is another picture from my Quito Centro Historico Series. This is the Plaza Grande, after a morning rain. How appropriate.

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