01 August 2007

Ego Sum, Proinde Ego Eo

I was chatting with my sister a while ago. We talked about stuff, mainly about traveling and visiting. I guess, if you have a family scattered across the globe, you cannot not talk about traveling and visiting.

Anyway, I thought about the topic the other day, and I guess I can categorize the destinations I want to go into different aspects. I guess some of you know me, me who wants to categorize and rationalize everything.

So, with my categorization, there are six aspects that one considers. Or at least that I consider. This I call is the Travel Continuum. The factors are the following:

  • Entry (0-1): For me, is it easy to enter the country? Do I need a visa or not? If yes, give one point. If no, zero.

  • Schedule (0-1): Is the destination easily accessible? Do flights depart and return daily? If I miss one flight, do I need to wait 3 hours or three days? Zero if easy, 1 if not.

  • Language (0-2): Is it easy to communicate with English? Spanish? Or is the language totally different? Zero for very easy, 2 for hard.

  • Internal Travel (0-2): Does my itinerary include internal travel? Do I need to have domestic flights?

  • Safety (0-2): Are foreigners safe? is the country known for kidnapping? Petty crime? Can I walk the streets at night?

  • Money (0-2): Is the destination expensive? Rather cheap? Or moderate?

So, given the above factors, one adds all the numbers, and it is on a total of ten. By the way, for me, my last trip in Quito was a 3 out of 10. I only gave it 1 point for language (due to the fact that I had to master a few Spanish phrases to get by), 1 for internal travel (I had to ride regional buses to see some sights, such as the Mitad del Mundo and Otavalo), and 1 on safety. The rest were zero. So, it was relatively easy.

So, for my readers, especially those in Central Europe, who are dying to know where I am planning to go for my next major trip, I would like to say that this itinerary is rated 5 out of 10. I guess you should be collecting the hints that I am dropping here and there.

On a different note, I finished reading Kafka's The Trial. It was weird. Very weird. The things that we take for granted here in our society simply do not exist there. Try it if you want surrealism.

So, I picked up this new book, entitled Glyph. This is about a ten-month old baby with a tremendous IQ. Very good so far.

Yesterday, I went with a couple of people to watch a Latin Jazz concert. It is free, it is open-air, and it was fun. I loved the rhythms. And people were dancing. Unfortunately, the people who were dancing weren't so qualified for eye candy. Too bad.

Ok, I have to leave you all with my Ecuadorian Flora Series. This is another one of those orchids that would just leave you oogling.

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