10 August 2007

I'm Real

I have some good news.

I have been pondering over the fact that I have been up and running this blog for two years now. That's a pretty long time. As of yesterday, I have 452 posts. This blog used to be very simple, using a traditional template provider by Blogger.

I've bumped into a few blog friends as well, from a guy in Amsterdam who likes to play video games, to a woman in Nashville who keeps horses. They came and went. I used to link to their blogs manually, encoding their URLs by hand in my template.

Then I discovered different tricks for my blog. I discovered BlogRolling, thus, all I need is to insert a javascript code in my template and the whole collection of my links would appear.

I also discovered Weather signs, where I could put a weather forecast of the location where I am in. I also discovered the clock, where there can be a digital clock that shows the time where I am in. I also discovered video embedding, thus, I was able to put music videos in my blog.

Then, Blogger was bought by Yahoo! and there became the new Blogger. Things became much easier. I also got tired of all the hocus-pocus that I attached in my blog. So I removed them, retaining the necessary ones. Like, who cares what the weather in Buffalo is like? Do my readers really care? If I want to know the weather, I would go to the website of the Weather Channel, not my blog. If I want to know the time, then I'd look at my wristwatch.

That's the same reason why I don't buy a camera phone, if I want a camera, I'd buy a camera, not a camera phone. A phone is for calling someone, not for taking pictures.

So, after two years, I was wondering, what would happen if I suddenly become offline? What would my readers think about it?

Well, the things that I anticipate is that there would be more of those offline messages from my Central European fanbase. They would probably call me and check on me more frequently, since they don't have information that they can read in a blog anymore. They would call me in the middle of the night, due to the fact that they forgot that I am six hours behind.

Ok, I guess taking the blog offline is a bit of a hassle.

Thus, I am keeping it.

And, in a show of determination from my part with regard to keeping the blog online, I just bought my own domain! Yes folks, I am real. I now have a dot-com domain name! I have my own little corner in cyberspace now. So, look up, and instead of seeing http://linguist-in-waiting.blogspot.com, you see http://www.linguist-in-waiting.com! So, update your links friends. After two years, I think it is time to take this one step forward.

There are more updates ahead, but I don't know how fast I will update them. We'll see. For now, enjoy my Ecuadorian Flora Series. Smell the flowers, or rather, pretend smelling them.


  1. Pogi,

    Tipong nagiging big-time and tech savvy ka na talaga ngayon ah!

    How much did it cost you to buy your own domain?

    Maybe you should transfer your techno expertise to your no. 1 fan so she can blog out her own life's memories too. Ano kaya, puwede?

  2. Grevado,

    It costs me USD 8.50 a year to own a domain name. It also comes with free email forwarding and other neat services.

    Pati ba ikaw, kasama sa grand hoax na may blog daw si nanay? Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Congratulations LIW! It's about time you got your own domain. Great posts like yours surely deserve it. :) Hey, I gave you an award but I know you're on hiatus right now. Pagbalik mo na lang. Have fun! :)

  4. wooow... i never knew that blogging can be this so much fun, like smelling online flowers. i just let my mind imagine the smell of your Ecuadorian flower.

    i am at the initial stages of learning of how to blog since i've been only at it for a few months. am slowly learning the tricks and picking only those that are necessary for my own blog. :-)

    thank you for sharing your thoughts in this entry of yours. and... Mabuhay!*

    *pinoy ka pala? while reading your entry i thought you were some bostonian white guy. :-)


  5. Congrats on the domain name! :o)