09 August 2007

Mas Y Mas

Latin America is such a tantalizing area of the world. You have hot food, hot places to visit, and hot people to mingle with. There is an inherent sexiness in the thought.

Even the music is delectably intriguing.

Enough of amor de latino, for now.

I am glad that I have finished my summer class. Finally. Finally, I can relax, sit back, breathe, and take the time off, until the new semester comes knocking on my door again.

For next Fall, what will be in store for LIW?

I will be taking three classes and will be a TA for one. So, the three classes that I will be taking are:

  1. Field Methods 1: This is a year-long class, and this is the first half. We will be working with a speaker of a language called Dagaare, which is mainly found in the country of Ghana, but the speaker speaks a version found in Burkina Faso, where he is from. We the class will be attempting to do a full grammatical sketch of the language during the course of the year.

  2. Advanced Statistical Methods 1: This is actually a class offered by the Psychology Department, not by my own department. But it seems that I am more of an experimentalist in my field, so I need the statistical theory to do research. So I am taking a year-long course in a department that is not my own. Hopefully I do good on this one, since it was a long time since I did math, although I did have a rather higher than average score in the GRE that the evaluators told me that I can be in the engineering fields. Yeah right.

  3. Structure of Mesoamerican Languages: This is a seminar offered by a professor in our department. This is going to focus on the typological properties of Mesoamerican languages, most notably Yucatec, and their other characteristics as well. I need a 600-level elective and this is one of them.

So, that is what will be keeping me busy for the next 5 months until December. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want to get a break.

Or maybe I am indeed getting one.

Oops. Too early to reveal. I know some of my readers out there in Central Europe employ radar and other subtle techniques in order to know my activities. Maybe they paid the CIA to spy on me. I better check with Langley and my other sources whether I could engage in counter-espionage. Hahaha.

Whatever. I must be dreaming again. So, let me dream and I'll let you enjoy the weird flowers again in my Ecuadorian Flora Series.

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  1. Field Methods 1 and Structure of Mesoamerican Languages sounds like a blast...I've taken (and successfully found ways to not pass) statistics twice and you won't find me taking it again any time soon.

    As far Latin America: I've never found men who can dance better or who have been able to move their hips in the way that their men can.