02 August 2007

Orbis quod Sapor

I guess it is obvious that I am having a great time with my Latin translator. Anybody knows what my recent entry titles mean?

It has something to do with a chat I had with my sister. Given the fact that she is younger than I am, I sometimes try to play tricks on her. It is really quite amusing to see what her reaction is to some of the things I say. So, once, I told her, that I find it amusing to tease her. In saying that, I used the Tagalog sentence Ang sarap mong paikutin. That sentence means what I just said above, but it is a metaphor. If it is translated literally, it would mean You are so tasty to rotate. My sister then told me that that is a very gross sentence.


Anyway, in other affairs, I only have two more meetings for my class. I finally released the final exam yesterday, and it is to be done at home. They will submit it to me by August 15. So, things are getting to a closure, partially, perhaps. Then the new semester will begin in three weeks.

I saw this article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, about the Department of Health's plan of barring doctors from the Philippines from leaving the country. Wow. I am appalled at the audacity of this person to actually think about this. He was saying something about violating individual human rights in favor of national interest. Wow. As someone who has actually lost faith in politics, I find it really comforting that I am not a medical doctor. Caring for national interest is fine, but don't violate my individual right to choose where I want to work just because of national interest. Human beings are inherently selfish. Don't deny that. So it would just be natural for someone to seek the better location and move there if necessary. If the grass is greener on the other side, then most likely, someone will move there and try to make his status better.

If Health Secretary Duque wants to stop the migration of doctors in the Philippines, why not suggest to the President to give them higher pay, and make the job more lucrative in the Philippines? If the doctors would know that they will have a good and stable income in the Philippines as well, then that may be an incentive for them not to leave.

Alas, the situation isn't like that.

I may be branded by people as an anarchist or a libertarian. But I am simply recognizing the fact that humans are inherently selfish and operate based on those terms. That is why I hated my PI 100 class back in my undergraduate days. I had a professor who wanted to teach us Communism and its alleged beauty. No. People would not be able to achieve a classless society where everyone is equal. Humans simply are selfish and want personal gain. One wants to be better than the other. That is just how people operate.

Enough of the philosophy. Enjoy the orchids from my Ecuadorian Flora Series instead.


  1. tama!!! dapat naman talagang gawin kaaya-aya yung sweldo at benepisyo ng mga doctor at nurse dito para di na nila makuhang umalis ng bansa. sino ba naman ang may gustong humiwalay sa pamilya nila?

  2. Oh, I like that... orbis quod sapor. Could I use that with my husband? :) You and your sister must have a close relationship. :)

  3. Oh yes, my brother and I have an interesting relationship. And dear brother, my 'olfactory' senses are working indeed. ;-)