24 September 2007

The Paradox of Sin

It occurred to me during this weekend that things that humans want to attain accompany pain. In other words, pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.

Take food for example. There are things that are called Food for the Gods or Devil's Food Cake. There is also the expression sinfully delicious. So, these expressions signify that something that is pleasurable is very hard to attain, that is, it is to the level of the gods. Or, that these pleasurable things should be avoided, because they are from the devil. And there also is the idea that partaking in these pleasurable things are sinful.

Another human behavior where the paradox of sin occurs is exercising. Have you ever observed people in the gym? The way they contort their faces, the way they sweat, the way they exert their bodies and the muscles? They are in pain. Yet, they want that. They actually do that, because they feel pleasure afterward. They feel pleasure in the result that they are getting when they do that.

It is just natural, I suppose, that things that people want are indeed hard to get. That is just how the human physics goes. Sometimes, it may be physically hard, like sculpting a body, or sometimes, the barrier is socially imposed, like the concept of sin, like when people decide that an extremely delicious treat is sinful.

And yet everyone wants to commit sin. Hence the paradox.

(The globe on top of the equator, from my La Mitad del Mundo Series)

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