19 September 2007

The Professional

I joined a professional society today. I joined the Linguistic Society of America as a student member. That means that I paid 30.00 USD for my membership fee, which is valid until December 2008. I will then be included in the roster, and I will also get copies of the journal Language.

I have been contemplating this for a while now, and I decided that it is about time to join.

My officemate already has a teaching position in a neighboring university. I only see him once or twice a week now, and today, he cleaned his space. He is transferring his books to his other office. Apparently, he has his own room there, unlike here.

Anyway, he hasn't gotten his Ph.D. degree yet. But he is already hired as a visiting instructor. One can actually do that, and once one gets the degree, then one will be promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor. In actuality, many departments build their faculty in this way, they hire them as a visiting professor first for a couple of years, and then promote them to assistant professor once they finish their dissertation.

The reason I joined LSA is because in a few years I will be an ABD (all but dissertation) myself. So I need to think of future plans (I find it odd to use the phrase future plans since all plans are theoretically in the future, thus, redundant.). I will be meeting my adviser tomorrow to discuss the results of my experiment, and also to discuss how to proceed in writing my qualifying paper. When I finish my qualifying paper within this academic year, I will then be promoted to candidacy, which is a technical term that means that I am then allowed to write and defend a dissertation proposal. After that comes the research, and then, the defense. Then, after a few revisions, I get three extra digits at the back of my name.

Now, this is where LSA comes in. There are plenty of benefits that being a member of a professional society brings oneself. There are job opportunities that are only open within the members of the society. One can also attend the annual meeting where it is also a sort of quasi-job fair for the members. Finally, one makes connections in the field, and this will then pave way to other opportunities.

I am now in my third year. This is the year when I start presenting stuff at conferences and publishing research. I don't remember whether I blogged about it a year ago or not, but I actually attempted to submit an abstract for a conference regarding my research, but after some deliberation, my adviser told me to wait a year and let my research ripen first, which I did. So, now is the time to go out and present what I have been doing. I should then apply for some conference grants that are available to a poor scholar like me.

Anyway, things are speeding up. I cannot believe that I have been living here for two years already and my third year is well on its way as well. Time indeed flies fast. No wonder I became a temporal semanticist.

(Exactly at the middle of the world, from my La Mitad del Mundo Series)

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