12 October 2007


Have you ever asked whether you can step inside my body and see things the way I see them?

Would you like that idea? If your essence suddenly envelops my being, and you'll control my thoughts, my movements, burning me alive in the process.

If I wake up tomorrow in another person's body, and walk the walk of another human in the face of this planet, dance the dance, and live the life of another being, then what would happen?

My skin slowly burns away, a chemical reaction brought by the unseen force surrounding me. Colors fade away, people are half in color, half in monochrome, as they go on doing their business.

Water flows from the tap, the same way as thoughts flow from the grey matter that is stored in the circular calcium-fortified structure above my neck commonly known as a skull.

My skull screams loudly, as it stares at me while it is sitting comfortably on the edge of my table. It cannot even support its jaws to remain open indefinitely, but needs two metal tweeds to hold it.

My howls are drowned by the silence of this unknown chasm that is smothering me. It is a peculiarly sadistic feeling, when one shouts for help, yet nobody hears. You hear yourself crying out, yet the cries are trapped in your head, because the vortex sucks it out of the ether and all its components just vanish into thin air, thus crippling you completely.

I can see the air molecules traveling from my lungs, reverberating against my oral cavity, making my vocal folds vibrate, yet it produces nothing. The moment it exits my lips, it is captured by the deep hidden and unknown chasm. My vociferations result to nothing.

If I run, what good will it do? I'd always be tailed, I'd always look back. This alley is a scary place, or is it? Is this a delusion, or is this my reality? Acidic, my reality is. It burns me all right, but I'd just have to be back again, stand up again, rise up again, like that liver who was eaten every night.

Violently, it changes.

(The statue guarding Quito, from my La Virgen de Quito Series)


  1. I like the way you think, LIW. Very pragmatic and unusual at the same time! Something like a new unique style in your business of writing...