06 October 2007

The End of a Relationship

Yesterday, at around 11:30 PM, I ended a relationship.

I ended my relationship with four women.

It was a full year since I met these four women. I met them in a bookstore in Prague, while I was strolling and doing sight-seeing. I saw them waiting for me, and I took them on their offer to take them home. So I did.

I was with them since last August. I spent my evenings after school touching them. Because, if I wouldn't touch them, they wouldn't be complete.

But, winter came, and I somehow fell into a hiatus. I forgot about my four women, until last week. When I decided to touch them again.

And slowly, limb by limb, arm by arm, face by face, they became complete. And now, they are all exhibiting their Art Noveau glory. I was done touching them.

Finally, all four women are in their majestic poses, and I attached the final piece last night. Now, all I need to do is to frame them, and they will grace my room for the time being.

(Old fort, from my Vulcan Pululahua Series)


  1. Relationships are always hard to end, but I assume you will be admiring them and remembering the process for a long time.

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around for long! I do like your template and the flying birds on the top picture :-)

  2. Where is this vulcan Pululahua? In Ecuador too?

  3. Renny,

    Yes, you are correct. That's how it is with these types of relationships.


    Yes, Pululahua is in Ecuador, near the equatorial line.