04 October 2007

Four Women

I have been working on a puzzle. It depicts four women in various poses. It actually is a puzzle version of a work by Alfons Mucha. In actuality, I started it August of last year. But then things just happened, and I took a rather long hiatus.

Then last week, I decided to pull it out again of my closet and continue on it. Now, it is getting shape, about 80 percent complete. One-fourth of the panel is already complete, and I can see one of the women in her full body attire.

Puzzles are fascinating. It makes your brain work. It makes your brain active.

One of my classes, namely Field Methods, is also like a puzzle. Assuming that languages are systematic, one must just figure out the system. And I think I have a good idea of the system of the topic I am working on in Dagara, which is its tense-aspect-mood system.

Yesterday, I decided to make a metadata file for my pictures. I have quite some collection of CDs full of pictures, taken both by me and my family. And since CDs have serial numbers in them, I decided to make an Excel sheet and note what the contents are in the CDs I have, instead of sticking stickers in them which make my laptop growl.

Tonight, I am attending a tango performance with some of my friends. An Argentinian dance troupe, Tango Buenos Aires, is in town, and we bought tickets for the one-night event. Hopefully, that is enjoyable.

(Dancing on the middle of the world, from my La Mitad del Mundo Series)


  1. Well, did you enjoy the tango performance? I would like to see something like that!