05 October 2007

Mongolian Pipe Dream

It is the typical Friday. People are relaxed, people are crazy and excited to transition to the weekend, and basically, people just want to unwind. I guess I have the same feeling too.

I didn't go to school early today. I cooked a pot of tofu and spinach curry for lunch, and cooked some rice, and together with the curry, I packed it to school for lunch. It wasn't from a recipe of some sort; I just bought two bags of spinach, two packages of tofu, and stir-fried them together till the tofu was cooked and the spinach was wilted, and I poured a bottle of Thai Red Curry Sauce with it. I also added a few dashes of turmeric and coriander for additional oomph. It didn't turn out to be bad at all.

Last night, we attended the performance of the dance troupe Tango Buenos Aires. It was amazing. The tango really is a seductive dance. I was glued to my seat as I watched 5 couples dancing away on the stage.

My puzzle is almost finished. The only remaining pieces are the brown shades which are basically indistinguishable from one another. I will frame it sooner or later. I feel a little bit addicted to it, every time I sit down on it, I find some piece and attach it. I never sit on it and not find a piece.

I was browsing the Internet earlier, and I found this link from the National Geographic website. Apparently, there is a contest where any student in North America is welcome to write a 300-word essay about a trip that they took recently. The best essay will then allow its author to spend 10 days in Mongolia together with an expert travel writer. And one needs to write about the Mongolian expedition and it will be published in an issue of National Geographic Traveler. And if you are really good, then they will hire you as a travel writer and you get to travel anywhere and write about it!

So I decided to give it a shot. The deadline is the by the end of this year. I am not hoping for it, but I figured that I have nothing to lose in doing so. Who knows? I might find myself staying in a ger and drinking goat's milk and eating goat's cheese. Obviously, my stereotypes of Mongolia aren't that good, so all the more reason to write a good essay.

(Entrance to the crater, from my Vulcan Pululahua Series)

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  1. Fantastic photo, LIW! I always love fog for shooting photos. The light is so special and the colors sometimes are more imtensive than in sunshine.