29 October 2007

Time Flies Like An Arrow

It's that time of the year again, when the graduate students sign up for classes to be taken next semester. I still have 7 classes to take, which is equal to 21 credit hours. This means that I still have 3 semesters of coursework to go. I cannot believe that I am actually getting there. Hahahahaha.

So, that means that I have a fifteen-minute meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies, which also happens to be my adviser. So in that way, I get to decide what classes I will be taking for next semester. I already have an idea for the two of the three that I am supposed to take, but not for the third one.

I am teaching a class next semester. I already have a few students registered in that class. And since this is my third time teaching this class, I am more confident of the material now than before. It really is true that practice makes perfect. I am also planning on revising the syllabus and adding new material and discarding old material. It gets boring in my part if I teach the same class in the same way over and over again. It also allows for people to just pass on my tests and quizzes to other people, so to avoid that, I am changing my questions.

I have gotten an email from the college saying that my class would be included in the list of possible college classes that high-school students might want to visit. Since during the Spring semester, there will be an Open House, some prospective high school students can come and visit and sit-in in classes. So my class will be one of those that they can visit.

I also got a message from one of my professors broadcasting the opportunity to get an undergraduate teaching assistant for my class. I don't know whether I will be needing it though. It is because undergraduate TAs cannot grade and record grades. All they can do are help with the classroom set-up, attend class, and hold office hours. So will I need it? If the professor doesn't contact me a second time, then I won't ask for one. If she does, then I will take one.

So there you go, time is moving again. I cannot believe that the semester is two-thirds over after this week. And that is not the only thing that says that time moves. This morning, I saw the ground as I was walking from my house to school, and I saw that there was frost. The grass was whitish-green.

I woke up early enough to witness the frost. I usually wake up at 6:00 AM. That is the time that I set my alarm clock. However, most of the time, I wake up a few minutes earlier than that. My body clock seems to have adapted to that, and so since I wake up at around that time for five days a week, even though I don't want to wake up that early in some days, I cannot help but wake up. Having a body clock can be frustrating sometimes.

Oh I cannot wait for this semester to finish. I have two papers to write, and for both of them I already have a topic and I have started working on them already. Hopefully, this semester ends in a bang and I will be closer to my objective.

(Alligators and turtles instead of gargoyles, from my Basilica de Voto Nacional Series)

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  1. I think that we do the UGTA thing so we have something good to put on our grad school apps. So...pick a UGTA...help an Undergrad...

    ...we beg for scraps...

    ...what are you teaching? I can keep the slackers in line for you. lol.