08 October 2007

Week 7

Week 7 is here.

This means that after this week, half of the semester is over. Thankfully.

This week is a weird week. By this Friday, it would be the one-year anniversary of the freak October thunder snowstorm that we had last year. It was the time when it snowed one fine afternoon and dumped wet slushy snow, thus the trees cracked and fell due to the weight of the snow against the still-present autumn leaves. This thus resulted in a week-long power outage and a coverage by CNN.

I am also perceived to be the substitute guy for some classes here, apparently. I have been subbing for my adviser in his class where I am a TA for the past week. Also, a friend of mine also asked me to sub for her class today, in case her flight gets delayed from California, so I am prepared for that as well. Finally, I got an email from one of my other professors asking me whether I could sub for her next week, since she has a meeting with the college.

So there you go. I am subbing for a lot of people apparently.

I am expecting to receive a large packet full of funding applications by the end of this week. This is because I am part of the review committee of a certain research fund. I've done this before and I want to do it again. I do have an ulterior motive for this. I am thinking of applying for the position of the director of this research fund a couple of years from now. This is because my guaranteed funding only gives me four years, and who finishes a Ph.D. in four years? So, by being the director of this research fund, I can still get a stipend. By that time, I would have finished all the required courses, and all I need to get busy with is my dissertation. So I can still earn my way here. Thus, I am familiarizing myself with the procedure as much as I can right now, so by the time I apply, I am qualified for the job and hopefully get the position.

Just as Shirley said, When I grow up, I'll be stable. When I grow up, I'll turn the tables.

(Viewing the crater, from my Vulcan Pululahua Series)

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