13 November 2007

Being on Steroids

Today was a very hyperactive day for me. It was like being on uppers for the whole day. Bizarrely amazing.

It began two days ago, actually. I had this big statistics test this morning, and so starting from two days ago, I set out to review the ton of material that was covered in the class. And yesterday, upon the end of my class at 3:30 PM, I packed up the brick (the thick red statistics textbook), together with my notes and my reviewer, and went home.

And I think it paid off. Well, when I received the exam this morning, I immediately scanned the five pages it was printed on, and immediately, things registered in my head. "I know this! Oh, I know the formula for this one! Oh this is the Z-test!" And so on. Overall, I have a confidence level of 95%. Hopefully, it turned out well as I am estimating. I want my effort to pay off. I've been cooking with my T-tests, I've been sleeping with my ANOVA tables, I've been dreaming about my Contrast Tests and Trend Analyses, and I've been going to the shower with my Z-Transformations.

That's why this morning, in a way I couldn't wait but to spit the material out of my head.

So that was that. I finished the exam in 45 minutes, out of an alloted hour and a half.

In other realms of my existence, I also met with my adviser, which I showed my handout that I am going to use for my presentation this Friday. Yes, I am fulfilling one of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree this Friday. I am giving a colloquium talk thereby exposing the research that I have been doing for the past 2 years. I will be giving a 20-minute talk about my hypothesis, and my 4x2x2 factorial experiment that I have conducted, and how it supports my analysis of how temporal relations are interpreted in a tenseless language.

I also got shot this afternoon. That's why my left arm has a bandage. I availed myself of the free flu shot that the clinic is giving away, and so I went there together with my Kuwaiti friend, and we lined up to get a shot. Hopefully, this wouldn't ruin my winter by bringing me down to bed for a week, which happened two years ago for me.

So that's my day so far. This has been the most hectic week for me so far, and I am managing! Amazing eh? I once told a friend of mine that I wish I could clone myself, so that one copy would do my QP, while another would go to class, and another would have fun, hopefully, that was the real me. My friend responded that humanity has had enough of LIW. He also told me not to worry since I am doing a great job balancing my act together, even calling me Super-LIW!

I didn't know I was a superhero.

(The boat to Liberty Island, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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