24 November 2007

Entering the Phantastikon

Waking up today was a surreal experience.

I woke up, and upon checking the window, everything outside was white. It was beautiful. It was amazing. It seemed like I was in Narnia.

Anyway, my labors gave fruit today. I finished my first of two papers. I have twenty pages of printed material, and I will submit it within this week to my professor. Ha! A good two weeks ahead of the deadline.

So, I guess I got my superpowers back. Hopefully it stays the same way for next semester, because I will be teaching and taking ten credit hours.

Enough of that academic talk for the moment, but let me blog about other people for today.

For example, the person that is sitting right in front of me, here in the library's computer station.

I am here blogging, because I have sent my paper to the printers for printing. And here is this guy, perhaps of Caribbean descent, and he has this thick wad of hair, growing behind his head. He has his hair fashioned in dreadlocks. I wonder how many years it took him to have it this way. It is about more than a meter long, and he has wrapped it in ethnic cloth. I don't know whether he washes it, but it seems that he doesn't, that's why he has to resort to applying a tremendous amount of perfume, that from the moment he sat down in front of me, my nostrils started to dilate.

Anyway, that is not my business. So I am leaving this work station. Obviously, I must be tolerant of other people, but if their persona causes an adverse reaction to my persona, then I also have the right to stay away from them. Like I am doing now.

(Inside the silent church, from my Trinity Church Series)

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