29 November 2007

The Final Whirlpool

So, there remains 6 days of classes after today. And it seems that things have picked up speed again, after a brief lull, and thus I am busy again, for the next few days.

Thanksgiving Break for me was very productive. I finished a paper, and in fact, have already submitted it. And therefore, the few days after, such as this past Monday and Tuesday, I never had the energy to do work. I went to my office and did nothing, since there was nothing to do. That was why my past posts were about jokes and language encounters.

Then reality bites again. I have another big test to study for. This is the one for my statistics class. The test will be on Thursday next week. And the instructor already gave us the points in which we will be tested on. So I have to hit the books again and see what I am missing.

Also, my adviser just told me that he seems to have found the solution with the statistical problem that we have with my data. And so we are pursuing the endeavor of co-authoring a paper together. We have a conference that we are thinking of submitting the abstract, and this will be on March. But the abstract is due in the next few weeks. So I have to write up something for that. If our abstract is accepted, then we might get to go to the conference and present it together.

I also started arranging stuff for my class that I will be teaching in the Spring. I have to concoct a syllabus, and take care of the reading material for that class, uploading them to the relevant databases online, so that students can access it.

Another thing to think about is the arrival of my sister. I hate the fact that her arrival is somewhat up in the air. I prefer that it would be clear as to whether she would arrive in town or not, not an "I-might-arrive-or-I-might-not" scenario. But then, that is just me, the person who hates spontaneity. You cannot make me go to a movie theatre in 15 minutes notice. I am the person who plans my grand escape six months in advance.

Speaking of escape, I cannot wait to disappear for a few days, which I am doing in a couple of weeks. I'll erase myself from the face of the planet for a few days, "recharging my sanity" as my friend puts it. Of course, I won't tell you where I am going, because that spoils the trick, doesn't it?

(The ceiling again, from another angle, from my Trinity Church Series)

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