19 November 2007

LIW Travel Agency LLC

I just realized that I have done travel consulting for quite a few people recently.

A friend of mine has a friend who is flying to India. This person wanted to know the cheapest way to do it. So my friend asked me and I told the possible options over the phone.

My sister is flying to Buffalo. And she needs to do it cheap. So I have scouted the available connections online, and I know details such as hotel accommodations in different connecting airports, connecting times, and other options. So I passed the information to her.

Now, it makes me think, why am I not in the airline business?

Maybe I should set up my own travel agency, which does not simply sell airline tickets to travelers, but actually plan trips for them. I am thinking of the sort that does the booking for things such as train tickets between Paris and Carcassonne, or the ferry between Hong Kong and Macau. Perhaps designing itineraries for tailored trips for travelers, so all the travelers will do is to show up at the airport, and everything is planned out for them. For me, planning is half the fun, and thus I wouldn't avail myself of tailored trips unless it is more common-sensical to do so. But for other people, it is not. I can do it for them.

Oh well, I am daydreaming again. I should get back to finishing my paper I am writing.

(The metallic armpit, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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