16 November 2007

Love is a Journey

Did you know that love is a journey? People talk about love and relationships as if it is a journey that two people take together.

Why do I say that? Well, let us look at some examples of how people talk about love.

  • Our relationship has hit a dead-end street

  • Look how far we have come

  • It’s been a long, bumpy road

  • We can’t turn back now

  • We are at a crossroads

  • We may have to go our separate ways

  • The relationship isn’t going anywhere

  • We’re spinning our wheels

  • Our relationship is off the track

  • The marriage is on the rocks

Just by looking at these expressions, one can see that English speakers at least view love and relationships as a journey, and that there are two travelers, you and your partner. And all the trials that face them are certain roadblocks that hinder the travel.

As my professor was discussing this in my undergraduate class in which I am the TA, I couldn't help but laugh, because my professor was asking the class of metaphors that people use, and he was asking about the different parts of travel. I on the other hand was thinking about The Amazing Race and so was volunteering my own input as well. So, while people gave out destination and vehicle and path, I on the other hand gave roadblock, detour and pitstop.

So what exactly is the destination in a relationship? A path? The vehicle? I guess there is a conceptual equivalent for those, also for roadblocks. But detours? Are there detours in a relationship? When I gave that out yesterday, someone else in class said, Oh that's when you swing! How about pitstops?

(The lady from the back, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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