22 November 2007

Moving Along

I like the holidays. I have no obligations to attend classes or anything, and yet I can get work done. I am moving along.

Speaking of that, watch this video. Good soundtrack whenever you are writing academic papers.

I used to have a soundtrack for this blog, by embedding a video but removing the screen, so the only thing that plays is the sound. However, some of my readers had problems with that. Their browsers would freeze and they wouldn't be able to read my ramblings. So, I took it off.

So, speaking of moving along, I produced quite a few pages for my other paper. This is for the seminar on Meso-American languages. So far I have grabbed a few sources and started writing away.

I remember my first year here. When I was known as the Super-LIW. Because I would pass homeworks and papers a week before they were due. And thus it set the bar for everyone. But then I started teaching last year and I wasn't able to do that all the time.

I remember Thanksgiving Day two years ago. I was sitting on the chair in my kitchen. I was writing my first seminar paper, while watching the snow pile up in my backyard. I remember the ducks making out behind my kitchen, chasing each other.

I also remember Thanksgiving Day a year ago. It was sunny, and I was here in my office with my Kuwaiti friend. We were working for our Phonetics project, and we were in the Phonetics Lab, recording voices and taking spectrograms. I discovered that Kuwaiti Arabic had an alveolar fricative trill whenever there is an /r/ word-finally. It was an interesting project.

Now, it is Thanksgiving Day 2007. Why do humans have to have a day dedicated to thanks? can't they give thanks in regular days as well? That is the thing that I do not understand with holidays. Humans have to be reminded that it is time to give love, it is time to give thanks, it is time to give presents. Why, one can give love, thanks, and presents every day!

Bizarre logic. As for me, holidays are reasons to stay in bed and not set my alarm the night before.

(Darkened Liberty, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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