21 November 2007


The trees completely metamorphosized this past week. The week before, the trees still had their yellow and orange leaves. They were full of them. But now, they're all gone, or, rather, down on the ground.

It's funny how there seems to be clockwork with regard to the seasons. I was gazing out my window the other day, watching the never-ending fall of the leaves from the couple of trees that were planted around the corner. There was a leaf that was falling at least once every minute.

Anyway, that signals the end of the semester is near. I am almost done with one of my two papers for the semester. I worked on my Field Methods paper yesterday, and I have plenty of things written down. And I will be beginning the paper for my other seminar tomorrow.

Yeah, I know, it's the holidays. But I won't be going away this time. I have an invitation to spend a few days out of town from somebody but I turned it down. I have to prioritize. All play and no work makes LIW a dull student.

That reminds me of a phrase I say a lot of times: When I work, I work. When I play, I play! So there, in order not to be half-hearted in my work and play, I decided not to play this weekend and instead work, so I can play later on!

Weird logic, but sometimes, life is weird.

(The Face of Liberty, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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