05 November 2007


Sometimes it is complicated to be human. There are things that are clearly part of being human but I find it difficult to deal with.

Like the fact that humans can opt not to say what they really are thinking about you. The fact that humans can opt to just stay silent, and torture you with thinking whether you did something wrong or not, and why you are eliciting such weird behavior from them.

I wish that humans didn't have the capability to tell lies. Or as an alternative, I wish that I can read human minds.

If I were able to read human minds, then I would know exactly how to act. Everything would be transparent. I would know exactly what they think about me, and I would act accordingly. I don't like this guessing game.

So, if someone were angry at me, then I could easily know that they are. And I could easily fix that. If they hate an aspect of my persona, then I would gladly try to fix it to the best I can. In the same fashion, if someone were interested at me, then I could react accordingly. If I am not interested in the person, then I could distance myself if I need to, or if I am interested in the person, then I would pursue it accordingly.

If only humans had neon billboards on top of their heads that indicate what they are thinking. Then life would be simple.

It reminds me of a novel that I read a while ago. It was entitled The Truth Machine, where there was a genius who invented a machine that was foolproof, and it acted like a lie detector. The world became a safer place since it was foolproof, and that courts were able to exact better justice.

But then obviously, life is more complicated than that.

Reflecting back, I find it funny to a certain degree that I constantly use phrases such as I wish that humans were... and so forth. It sounds like I do not consider myself to be one. It sounds like I consider myself to be non-human, instead, an alien.

Maybe I am. Considering the fact that earlier this morning, I wish I was able to warp from one place to another in the blink of an eye. I was walking from my office to the library, which, although it was the next building, I had to go down from the sixth floor of my building to the second floor, and then use the elevated walkway to go to the next building and then ride the elevator to the fifth floor, where the book I was interested in was located. If only I could warp from my office to the fifth floor of the library, and then grab that book and warp back again, then life would be easier.

But then if I had that capability, then perhaps I am heavier by a few pounds than what I am right now.

(The view from the clock tower, from my Basilica de Voto Nacional Series)

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