21 November 2007

When the Sky Decided to Cry

So, here I am, sitting in my office. Right next to me is the window. No spectacular view or anything, just brick walls and office windows across a courtyard. And through it, I see the rain falling endlessly, since this morning.

Maybe I should be happy. Maybe I should be happy that the temperature was a tad warmer than the usual wintry weather. Or else, this rain could have been snow, and it would have been piling up, fast.

But it isn't. Instead, what we have is wet rain (is there such a thing as dry rain?) pouring non-stop.

Good thing I am not one of those people whose emotions are affected by the weather. I know some people like that, who get sad whenever the weather is bad. Those who lose the desire to get out of bed once they realize that there is no sun outside.

They shouldn't be living in places like Buffalo, when the sun goes away for three to four months during the winter.

At least I can control my emotions. But still, I have to admit that things can control my emotions as well. Such as the package I got from the UPS guy this afternoon. I've been waiting for this one for a few days now. Finally, I got it.

I can feel it. I am getting closer and closer. And when I reach it, it would be sweet.

(Mis-aligned for fifteen degrees, from my Statue of Liberty Series)

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