10 December 2007

End of the Semester Checklist

I love the feeling of time moving along, and checking off the various obligations that I need to do from my To-Do List.

Today being a Sunday marked a few of them.

First off, the most important one, I submitted the abstract that has been bugging me and my adviser on time. Now, it is up to the reviewers as to whether they would think that we have a good topic or not. If they think we do, then that means I have to book tickets to fly, yet again. I'll grab a postcard or two on the way, if I can. But let me wait until the result first, I don't want to plan something that is not sure yet.

Second, I am done grading all of the things that I have to grade with regard to my students. I finished grading their last homework yesterday, and today, I have finished grading their final exams. I forwarded it to my adviser and he will then put the letter grades in.

This brings me to the point where I only have one last thing to do for this semester. That is, my Field Methods paper. I will most probably work on it tomorrow. I don't have any appointments for tomorrow, but for Tuesday, I am meeting quite a few people. Apparently, they need my expertise.

I also finished reading the last book I was working on, entitled Eat the Document. This was about the life of a fugitive woman, who is underground for 20-something years. At first, the novel was hard to grasp, because there were parallel story lines, three in all. One is in 1973, and the other two are in 1998. One reaches the mid-point of the novel without even tying the three of them together. But when it does, then the book makes perfect sense. But altogether, I am not too impressed. I give it a 6 out of 10.

So I returned that to the library, and then I will be starting on this one, The Dream Life of Sukhanov. I don't know what this is about, but I will definitely review this as well after I am done.

So there, I better end this entry here. I noticed that my stack of laundry has gotten high again. And peculiarly, just the dark clothes, not the white ones. Well, I guess I have more dark clothes than white.

(Tombstones in a row, from my Trinity Church Series)

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