14 December 2007


Yesterday, I became a father-to-be.

I didn't realize until yesterday that I am expecting a child. My first child. So yesterday, I went online and decided on baby names. I decided on the name Magnus. It is Latin-based, and it means great.

So, from now on, I am watching my baby grow, slowly. Hopefully, he will be due by the end of the Spring 2008 semester.

I guess this just shows how crazy I can be. Yesterday, I sat down with the intent of writing my qualifying paper. But nothing would come out of my head and my fingers. I kept looking at this blank slate of a computer monitor, and I cannot formulate the words to write it down.

It was a bizarre experience. I have done the research, I have done the experimentation, I have done the statistical analysis, and all I need to do is sit down and write about it, but I had a hard time formulating my words, and so my imagination was drifting away and therefore I found myself a few minutes later checking Internet sites for baby names.

So I decided to personify my qualifying paper into a baby. And when I finally turn the thing in, then the baby will be born. I chose the name Magnus because it is short for magnum opus. I thought that if I personify my qualifying paper, then I would move forward somehow.

So, speaking of my baby, he grew two pages today.

(Albert Gallatin's tomb, from my Trinity Church Series)


  1. Hahaha. You got me there. But what's the Latin term for "Extremely Great?" That should be the name of your baby.

  2. I came across your blog by accident(which is probably how most people come across blogs)when i was searching "LIW" which is a site i use for logistics information. my eyes scanned down to the best description of the LIW site and noticed your intro comments about a linguist in waiting ... i had to probe. So what, right? My wife did her M.A. in Linguistics which is quite appropriate as she is raising our children and they will be grammar freaks. Like "abaniko", good use of linguistics there, and congratulate you either way, for your succes in your studies and as a future "father-to-be". Also, I do have a friend whose name is "Magnus", and what good fit. Wishing you the best.

    -a soldier in Iraq

  3. Abaniko,

    Hehehe. Nice that I got you. Unfortunately, I don't know the Latin for "extremely great", maybe, "summa magnus"? In any case, I don't think I qualify for that, yet.


    Thanks for visiting. And thanks for the best wishes as well. You're welcome to come back any time.