05 December 2007

The Parade of Digits

I know I should be glad for the Arabs to have invented the numeral symbols (are they the ones who invented it, I am not sure, but I know it's not the Romans), but sometimes, due to the nature of my research, the numbers just fade into one another in front of my eyes, it can be disconcerting sometimes.

I ran twelve two-way chi-square tests this afternoon, and I have got positive results for most of them. This involved me getting the sum of the responses, adding them up, and making a table of the observed responses. From this, I computed a table of expected responses, and using the numbers from both tables, I was able to compute the chi-square observed, and then I took it against the critical value with the appropriate degree of freedom, and from there, I based my statistical decision whether I should reject the Null Hypothesis or not. What the Null Hypothesis is, I won't say yet. I am not divulging the results here prematurely; who knows, someone might be reading this and immediately concoct a counter-theory. I better publish it first.

Anyway, I have 5 days remaining, and I am in pretty good shape. I guess I can churn this abstract out after all. If not, I am sure there are other conferences that I can submit it to.

I need to do my laundry. My dirty clothes are piling up slowly, in my closet, it looks like an amoeba taking a life of its own. I usually have a regular laundry schedule, but the thing is, this final week of class is eating my attention. I have a final exam to take for my statistics class this Thursday. I will be so relieved once that test is over since I could then shelf that worry away. Not that I am shelving the things that I learned in that class, in actuality, I am currently using the things that I learned in that class in my research. The truth is, I think this class is one of the most informative classes that I took so far in my graduate career.

Another surprising thing is that I never imagined myself to be a person who does research with numbers. If only I knew that I would be in this position now, I should have taken Statistics 101 as an elective in undergrad. For all I knew, the only required math class in my undergrad education was Math 1, also known as Math Appreciation. I did get an A in that class, but I remember my mom saying that I should have been like her, someone who is good in numbers. After all, she is an economics major.

So I never envisioned myself, back in undergrad, that I would be dealing with two-way chi-square tests and ANOVAs. All my undergrad linguistics education consisted was theoretical stuff. Empirical linguistics wasn't really a forte in my undergrad department. But then, looking back, I guess I had the beginnings of an experimental linguist. My undergrad senior thesis was based on empirical research, not what is called arm-chair linguistics.

Oh well, that is another topic. I have to go and end this point, and do laundry. In the meantime, enjoy my pictures. I have made it a point to post a picture with every entry I write. And I still have a great deal of backlog with regard to this endeavor.

(Forgotten tombstones, from my Trinity Church Series)

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