08 January 2008

7 Things About Me

Courtesy of Zhu, I was tagged with this meme, in which I tell about the seven things about me, that, hopefully, other people don't know yet. And with regard to this seven things, they should be random or weird things about myself.

So, I will be doing this and at the same time attempting not to duplicate what I have on my 100-Something Facts list.

  1. I like Middle Eastern electronica. - My choices of music are varied, from classical to rock, and everything in between. As long as it is not jazz, then I am fine. But recently, I have started to listen to hip-hop and its influences. So, sometimes I would listen to reggaeton, but my latest find is arabesque, dar, halal, new bled, or whatever term people call it. Apparently, it is the product of the musicians of North Africa and France. So I listen to music by artists such as Soap Kills, Clotaire K, Mafia Maghrebine, and other artists. The music is very hypnotizing.

  2. I travel to escape. - I don't know about why other people travel, but for me, it is to escape and see the world. I know that I cannot be perennially on the move; I don't have the resources to support 6 months to a year of continuous journeying around the planet. I still have my head on the ground. So I take vacations after long periods of working, and it is a way of escape. I forget about everything work-related, and just go there and enjoy myself. Sometimes, the fact that I am all alone, on top of a mountain (like when I climbed Rucu Pichincha in Quito last Summer) or in some other location, gives me a weird sense of freedom. It is when it dawns upon me that I am all alone in this foreign land, and nobody around knows me, is exhilarating. Anonymity is freedom.

  3. I have a fancy for the weird. - I usually collect weird objects whenever I go somewhere, for souvenirs. So when I went to the Czech Republic, I bought a plaster replica of a human skull, from a church which had its crypt all filled with skulls. It now sits on my office table, and I am here, like Hamlet. I got into trouble in John F. Kennedy International Airport because of it. Also, on my window sill sits two shrunken heads, native from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Called tsantsas, it used to be the case that the Shuar people decapitated their enemies and removed the skull from the heads. Then, they take the skin and shrink them.

  4. I am a recent victim of not reading the fine print. - I recently checked my bank account and discovered that somebody deducted 12.99 USD from my account. Apparently, this was the membership fee for Great Fun, which I don't know whether it was an affiliate of Orbitz, which is an online travel agent that I usually use. So, one day, when I was buying my tickets to my next escape, I saw the link, saying that I would save 15% on my next purchase. I clicked it, and in doing so, I enrolled myself in the program. Easy as that. I didn't read the fine print, saying that apparently there is a free trial period of a month, and then later on, they will charge me a fixed amount every month. I deleted the e-mail, and forgot about it, until now. Good thing I acted as soon as I found out, so I called the company, and told them that I wanted to cancel my account. So they did, and I will get a refund. Electronic transactions are convenient, but sometimes there are loopholes, and if one is not careful, then one gets things like these.

  5. I think I saw Yoko Ono in New York City. - When I was there in New York City, I think I saw Yoko Ono after having lunch with a friend of mine. We were in the Rockefeller Plaza, and she was walking towards the building, with two men in suits, while she was in a beige formal attire. With matching hat. I am not sure but I think it was her.

  6. I was born the same time as when Italy won its third FIFA World Cup. - And if you disregard the year, and simply consider the date, it was the date when full diplomatic relations were established again between the United States and Vietnam; when the world population crossed the 5 billionth mark according to the UN; when the Allied Forces invaded Sicily; and when India and Pakistan resumed the Lahore-Delhi bus service.

  7. I have a weird habit of adding the digits of car license plates. - I impulsively do this, quickly, so, if I see a plate, say, that goes EAY3472, I add all the digits, in this case, it sums up to 16, then I take 1 and 6, and add them together, and I get 7. Thus, that car is a 7. I add all the digits until I get one single digit. A friend knows this habit of mine, and actually taught me a faster way of doing it, that is, I simply disregard all the numbers that add up to 9. In this example, I disregard 7 and 2 since they add up to 9, and thus, I only pay attention to 3 and 4. If I add that, I get the same result, which is 7. I guess 9 is interesting, because if you add 9 to any number, then you reduce by 1 the right-most digit, while adding one to the next digit. So if you see the 9-series, 9, 18, 27, 36, etc, the ones are reduced by one every time, while the tens are added by one. Thus, if you add both digits together, they produce the same result, and thus you can therefore disregard the numbers that total 9.

So, here are the 7 things about me. I am not tagging anyone with this; I simply invite all my readers who blog to do this if they want. If you decide to do it, let me know, so I can read your results.

So, yesterday's entry started with 8, today's started with 7, I think I am seeing a pattern. Oh I forgot, my name isn't John Nash...

(Entering the building, from my Ellis Island Series)


  1. Cool facts! I'm glad I tagged you.

    For the music, Northern Africa has really cool stuff, they imported some of it in France and I used to listen to ME electronica quite a lot myself.

    I also travel to escape... even though not with skulls most of time :D

    I have an habit of reading and interpreting license plates. Like Captcha ;)

  2. Very interesting and informational. Sounds like you lead an exciting and fascinating life and you live it to the fullest, which is why we are here after all. I dig the historical references and for someone like me who is not at all math savvy, the 9 factoids interested me too. I too love cryptic license plates but never thought of drilling down to their number meanings. Will have to do some math when I drive...ouch! You may find the following videos quirky and interesting. I have been enjoying them on http://www.roomforyourimagination.com My fave is the two travelers dressed as Gorillas in Room 224 but they are all of value either in a humorous way or amazing way. I work for Cambria Suites so I have an inside track.

  3. Zhu is such a great blog friend and thanks for a great meme - always great to know a good blog friend even better!

    Thank also for you visit and contributions - your listed on my Snow around the world post.