07 January 2008

8 Minutes

8 minutes.

Yeah, it takes me 8 minutes to walk from Cooke Hall to Park Hall, where I have two of my classes. And they are just ten minutes apart. So, every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I will be doing the rush walk between these two buildings.

Well, that is if I decide to use all the tunnels and overpasses that connects the whole system of buildings. If I decide to walk outside, then it would be considerably faster. That is, if the weather permits.

So, after I sit in my Advanced Statistics II class in Cooke Hall, I will then rush to my Modal Logic class in Park Hall. If I decide to stay inside and avoid the winter weather, then it would take me 8 minutes of walking, 4 changes of floors, and who knows how many doors I will open in the process.

I guess it is so geeky of me to actually measure the amount of time it takes. But hey, I don't want to be late. Besides, I haven't had a class in these buildings, so I decided to check the room out before the actual class starts, just so I know that I am in the right room when I attend the first class.

Hmmm, I have a feeling that I want to start this semester as soon as possible and get it over with quickly. Well, I cannot speed time can I? I can only strive to be on time.

Speaking of that expression, to be on time, I find it interesting that people conceptualize the notion of time as a sort of capsule, where it can contain entities and events. We can be on time, but we cannot be out of time. We are always in any point in time, contained in that specific time, specific instant, specific interval.

The idea of time as a fourth dimension indeed is incredible.

I wonder what would have happened if I didn't major in linguistics. Maybe I ended up being a quantum physicist.

(Right in the middle, from my Brooklyn Bridge Series)

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  1. I measure time between places as well, must be a linguist pass-time! ;-)

    I tagged you with a meme - not sure if you do these, but just in case, I'll be glad to know you better.