05 January 2008

The Danger of Being a Linguist

Well folks, there's another week left before the whole cycle begins again. Classes start on January 14, and for the next 15 weeks after that, classes are in full session. I am ready. Bring it on!

Ha! I guess I can only say that simply because I have an impending vacation after finals week in May.

Anyway, I am all set with regard to preparations. Everything that I need to put online is already there; except for one file, but that is easy, all the references are already online and available for viewing by my students. The only thing I need to do during the semester is to write the homeworks and tests that I will be giving during the semester.

Let me change the topic. One day while I was checking my tracker for this blog, I saw someone searching for "mystery" and "linguist", and somehow he or she stumbled across my blog. When I checked the link for the Google page, I saw another page in Language Log, a blog written collectively by a number of linguists across the United States.

In one of the archived entries, it was apparently pointed out that linguists are dangerous. And I somehow agree. We ask weird questions to different people, we write down weird symbols, and we debate about stuff that only we linguists can understand. Well, you might as well read the whole article, it is true and funny at the same time.

Well, come to think of it, before I ran my experiments in Buffalo and Manila last year, I had to undergo clearance from the Internal Review Board. They wanted to make sure that I won't be harming my subjects by injecting dangerous substances in their blood stream. Needless to say, I got my clearance.

So there, I better end this post, or else I might spill some classified information.

(Leopold's portal, from my Brooklyn Bridge Series)


  1. Linguists, dangerous? You look pretty harmless to me... but again, I'm a teacher, a well-known sadistic job ;)

  2. ahahahaha... this is funny. I hope you won't make me your subject... I don't want you injecting dangerous substances on me (or to my brain?). :)

  3. Zhu,

    Yes, teachers can be sadistic sometimes. I have first-hand experience for that. My first time teaching was indeed a sadistic experience. I only realized that when I taught the same class the second time later on (like, oh my, that was some huge load I gave my students!). I'll be teaching the same class for the third time this coming Spring semester.


    Don't worry Toe, I will make it as painless as possible. :-P