26 January 2008

The Desire for Heaven

It's been a busy second week of the semester. Lots of things have happened, including two job talks within the week, and my class finally being settled with regard to the enrolled students.

With regard to the job talks, we have passed the mid-point. Three have already given their job talks, and there are two to go. I especially like this third one, but simply because I can somehow relate to what he does research on. So, my opinion is very much biased, but then that is ok, since I am not the only graduate student who has an opinion.

But it was indeed enthralling to talk to an American in perfect Tagalog, without any accent.

My enrollment for the class I am teaching went down to 30. I force-registered some students, a total of 6 of them, but then people dropped out, and now, it is back at the cap of 30. It is capped at 30 but I can force-register as I please, but I am still happy that it is back at the original number, since that means I have fewer papers to grade. I already gave them their first homework, and I will get them back a week later.

I am sort of busy with plenty of things, including planning my trip to the conference in March, and with that, getting money for travel. So I have started filling out the forms so that I can get money for that from various sources. I have also sounded out the idea of splitting a room with my adviser so that it would be cheaper, and he seems to like the idea.

But more important than that, is that I might need to run some additional experiments on English to prove the point that I am trying to make. That means that I need to amend my IRB approval form, and that I have to recruit subjects pretty soon. The subjects are easy, since I can tap on to the classes that my colleagues teach and ask their students for help. It is the paperwork that I am a little bit annoyed at.

Anyway, I better end my entry for today here, I am tired and I need some sleep. But before I go, let me give you something to think about.

If nothing is better than heaven, and anything is better than nothing, then does it mean that anything is better than heaven?

(The UN Building, from my United Nations Series)


  1. Oh, you speak Tagalog? Cool! Er... Kumustá?

    That's the extend of my vocabulary! One of my student is from Manila, he explained me the language a bit, since I speak Spanish and Chinese, we have some words in common.

    Tagalog is so fascinating... borrowed from so many languages!

  2. Zhu,

    Hehe. Funny you know that.

    Tagalog isn't just the only language which liberally borrows words from other languages. English itself is guilty of that, there are just some many languages that contributed words to the English lexicon.