14 January 2008

Illusions within the Meteorological Nirvana

It's time for my periodical weather-related blog entry.

Well, it's been a pleasant week so far, warm weather, 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with the snow piles completely melted. It was weather that was nice enough to jog with just a shirt on.

But, I guess what goes up, will go down. Not that I want to sing some Alicia Keys at the moment, but I am just alluding to the fact that the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is snow. Back to the good old snow.

So, in preparation for that, today, being a Sunday, I went to my office. I brought my teaching shoes (I have two pairs of shoes I use to school; one that I use when I teach, and one that I use when I don't. The one I use when I teach has a more formal look, of course.) with me, and stacked them in the drawer.

Now why did I do that? Because, if it snows tomorrow, I will be coming with my winter boots, and so I'd rather bring my teaching shoes with me now, now that I don't have a lot of stuff with me, rather than tomorrow, so that it wouldn't be squeezing my lunch.

So yeah, life goes on. And winter passes, spring will come, then summer, and then fall. And the cycle goes on again.

But what makes it interesting is that there are periods of illusions, like this past week, where one feels like the cycle is broken, maybe, there was a missing groove in the gear that turns the whole thing round, or maybe Mother Nature has her mood swings.

But whatever the discrepancy may be, it still comes back, adjusting itself.

Now I don't know about Vanuatu though.

(Graffiti columns, from my Ellis Island Series)

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