15 January 2008


So, Tuesday and Thursday is the busy day. I had the first class of my Advanced Statistics class, and also for my Modal Logic class, and also for my Quantitative Methods class. Remember the 8 minutes that I was talking about the other day? Well, I didn't take 8 minutes to get from Cooke Hall to Park Hall this time, since the weather was good enough for me to go outside and walk the shorter way.

Anyway, classes have fully started and are interesting, promising.

My Advanced Statistics 2 class started with Factorial Designs, which is a spin-off from the Completely Randomized Design that we talked about last semester. I loved this topic, given the fact that this is the design that I used for my experiment that I conducted last summer. So I got to learn the model, the symbols, and all the other theoretical implications of this design. Good stuff.

Then, after that, I went to my Modal Logic class. It is a class that is composed of both undergrad and grad students, and they come from different departments. I am the only one from my department, and most of the other people come from Philosophy. But there are some from Computer Science, and others from departments that I forgot to make a mental note in my head. Anyway, the interesting thing about this class is the professor. He is rather aged, and obviously, he has been teaching for quite a while. He has a very soft voice, and his figure is very slim and delicate, that it seems that a single slight push will topple him over. But with regard to his teaching, it is very clear and understandable. He uses different symbols from the one that I am used to, but it is easy to convert them in my head.

Then, I had a one and a half hour break.

Finally, I had my Quantitative Methods class. This is a small class, composed of my Taiwanese friend, which is a great friend of mine; my Argentinian friend, which is also a great friend of mine; my Russian friend, which is a good friend of mine; and my American friend, which is also a great friend of mine. There is also another Taiwanese student, but she has a world of her own. I like this class so far because I think it would complement well my Advanced Statistics classes, which do not have a computer component, while this class is actually held in the computer lab of my department.

So there, that was my first Tuesday of the semester.

I see this semester as being extremely busy, especially the first two weeks, since there is a job search going on in the department, and the faculty wants student input, and since I am the current representative of the graduate student body, I need to attend to all 5 talks of the applicants. Then, I will pool all the students' input, and somewhere in the faculty meeting after all the talks, I will apparently pop my head in and report.

It is interesting to see the other side of the table, since a few years from now, I will be on the other side.

(Panels of names, from my Battery Park Series)

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