11 February 2008

3 Fahrenheit

It was so cold today. And so was yesterday. It was around 3 Fahrenheit (about -16 Celsius) today. And yet the Buffalonians are still going around their business. Even with frozen cars, frozen roads, frozen faces.

That didn't prevent my students from coming, and taking their second test.

Yes, it is already Week 5 and things are going strong, with the tests, homework, and other stuff being due and being turned in.

Personally, I am also very busy. I have to attend to my research, meet my adviser, prepare for the class that I teach, do my own homework, and other things. I also have to do administrative stuff, such as taking care of the prospective graduate students that are coming in the next few weeks and checking us out, and also taking care of the paperwork and other protocol that is required in order to run the experiments that I am conducting.

I am so looking forward to finishing this semester. When I do that, that means that I only have four classes remaining before I complete the 72-credit hour requirement. I can see my foot getting near the door every day.

Come to think of it, there is so much motivation that I am actually not bothered by it. I see some people getting nervous breakdowns, burning out, due to the pressure. But for me, I feel that I would panic if there were no pressure. I actually used to hate mid-semester vacations, because I would end up lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, having nothing to do.

I talked to my sister on the phone earlier today. She was remarking something about the hugeness of a mall in New Jersey. And how she thinks that she wouldn't be a mall person again, after that experience.

I also arranged to have dinner with her, 3 months from now. I found this neat Ethiopian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, near West 50th St, and it would be a nice place to catch up with things with her, while eating my injera.

I guess that shows something about my personality, the fact that I arrange my dinner dates three months in advance.

(The Woolworth Building, from my Wall Street Series)


  1. It was -30C today AND all of my students showed up! Talk about a bad day! :D

  2. Liw,

    Would you be able to arrange also for a dinner date or perhaps a reunion with your clansmen 6 months from now?

    That would be great and a pleasant opportunity to savor the fruitage of your hardwork! So how about that?

  3. Zhu,

    All of your students showed up? That just shows the hardy built of Canadian bodies!


    Fruitage of my hardwork? Hmmmm....