01 March 2008


So, all the prospective graduate students have arrived. Some of them have just made it a day trip and so they already left town tonight, but some are still staying for the weekend, and so, they are touring the city tonight and tomorrow.

Good thing I am out of town tomorrow. It gives me an excuse to detox and not worry about the whole affair. I am turning my cellphone off for the whole day tomorrow, and I will just enjoy the solitude in my neck of the woods.

That is the good thing about delegation. I have a person to pass the buck to, if I need to. So there, he planned something for tonight, and for tomorrow as well.

But for me, I’d rather stay here at home, do my laundry, iron my clothes, and write a blog entry, rather than stay up late and go with them bar-hopping. I’ve done that sometimes, but I would pass for now. I enjoy doing things, but sometimes, I also enjoy doing nothing. This is a rare for me perhaps, but it does happen.

I’ve chatted with my Israeli friend for a bit earlier. Apparently, he sent me some postcards from Israel, so I am looking forward to seeing what’s inside my mailbox for the next few days.

Earlier today, I gave a rough draft presentation of my poster in the lab. It went well, and I had plenty of suggestions from the group. I will then revise the poster this weekend, and then I will forward it to my adviser and it will then be his turn to revise it. After all, it is co-authored by me and him. Then, he was suggesting that I visit the lab of another professor, but in a different department, and see how the reaction of the people there go.

I taught my class the basics of tone earlier today. I posed the question that how is it that speakers of tone languages can still sing, even though they use pitch to signify meaning changes in their language? They then found out that tone is relative, not absolute, therefore, it is still possible for people to sing even though they speak a tone language.

I am making progress with my typing lesson. The weird thing though is, now, I am typing using a hybrid of my former system, and the proper system. I use all five fingers in my left hand now, but my right hand still is restricted to three. It is somehow slow, compared to my older system of just using the index and middle finger of both hands. Hopefully, I will improve on this.

Ah, that concludes my day today. I will then head to bed, enjoy the solitude, while listening to Franz Liszt.

(George Washington Bridge, from my New York City Series)


  1. Ah tones... foreign language learners don't realize how important it is to stress on the right part of the word. I learned fast because of Chinese...

    Looks like your schedule is busy as usual. Don't you ever take holidays? Teaching can be exhausting!

  2. Zhu,

    I take holidays. I have a holiday coming up in May. I don't like to take one-day holidays, I like multi-days, so I accrue them and spend them at the end of the semester.