14 February 2008


The fourth year of graduate school is probably the most excruciating and most stressful time in someone's graduate school career. I am not there yet, I still have one year to go before I reach that, but I have plenty of people I know that is in that boat, and watching them makes me think.

Most of these people are in the situation in which their funding runs out (since one is only funded for four years, in order to finish one's coursework) and they don't know what to do next. They still have a dissertation to work on, and that is cast in the dark because one is not sure of funding.

That is why I am already planning for opportunities for my fifth year, when I run out of guaranteed funding. I need to get some dissertation fund, or some form of alternate employment when that happens.

Now the current problem with my friends here is that some have strong research backgrounds, some have not. And some are becoming worried, getting their pants tied up in a bunch, and some have disastrous results.

It is sad when one's attempt in showing concern is only responded to by anger and ire. So what can one do except to step back and watch the person explode?

Reminds me of that song by The Cardigans. Here's the lyrics.


Ease your trouble
We'll pay them double
Not to look at you for a while
And you rely on
What you get high on
And you last just as long as it serves you

Explode or implode
Explode or implode
We will take care of it
Yes, we will carry you

'Cause you're deserted
What's good, you hurt it
And it kills you it keeps you alive
So give it up
In a world of puppets
It's a shame what they do to us all
Can we do anything for you now?

(Wall Street Sculpture, from my Wall Street Series)

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  1. I only completed 5 yrs at uni. so I wouldn't know. That said, last year I came to realized that I had been taking "serious" exams every single year since I was 16. And I thought it was too much already!