27 February 2008

Headless Chickens or Chickenless Heads

Today has been a very busy day. And right now, a few minutes before 6:00 PM, it is still not over.

7:00 AM: I woke up. I figured that since I went to bed at midnight the night before, I wouldn't be able to wake up at 6:00 AM, or if I were to wake up at 6:00, I would just reset my alarm clock to 7:00 AM, so I just went ahead and set it to 7:00. I then fixed some breakfast, took a shower, and headed to school.

8:30 AM: I was waiting for the bus to take me from South Campus to North Campus. I arrive about fifteen minutes later, and I enter my office. I boot up my computer, but since I couldn't wait, I head down to the library which is in the next building, and use the computer facilities over there. I check my e-mail accounts, and I also check a number of other things.

9:20 AM: I head back to my office to pick up my stuff for my Statistics class. I then head to the other side of campus, where my class is. I also pick up a memo for a meeting that I have with an office in the university.

9:30 AM: I attend my lovable Statistics class. We discussed the Cornfield-Tukey Algorithm. It works.

11:00 AM: I head down to the Office of Disability Services because I have an 11:00 meeting with the director. This pertained to a student of mine, and I wanted some clarification as to how to proceed with his case. I sought advice from the director, and so now I know what to do.

11:30 AM: On my way back from the Office of Disability Services, I bought lunch from the Capen Cafe. I was lazy this morning and so I didn't fix lunch. I bought a chicken salad wrap and a baked potato soup. I was annoyed at one of the attendants. I was pouring myself the soup on a 12 oz bowl, when I overshot the ladle, thus causing a little mess. Of course, I know my manners, I would clean it up. I picked a napkin to wipe the side of my cup, when this attendant came over and told me to wipe the mess I made on the platform as well. I just replied "Sure." I didn't let my temper flare, but I was annoyed that she thought I was uncivilized to not take care of my mess.

11:45 AM: I proceeded to my office, dropped my stuff, and went to the lounge to eat my lunch. I had a brief chat with another graduate student about his research, and he asked me some questions regarding funding for research, and given the fact that I had been a review panel member of the grant foundation of the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association here, I knew some stuff. I don't know whether I will be a panel this semester again or not, due to the fact that I am extremely busy, but I still knew some insider information.

12:30 PM: I received an e-mail about the itinerary of another prospective graduate student that is coming in this weekend. I also arranged for her accommodation, and who will pick her up from the airport and drop her off. I also had a brief conversation with the graduate secretary in the main office, telling her of my plans. I will furnish her a copy when everything is more or less settled. I also had a brief conversation with my department chair regarding compensation for the effort that I am giving with the Open House, and also how to deal with the state policies about using state money. I also had a conversation with her regarding the class offerings for Fall 2008, which in my opinion, sucks.

1:00 PM: I ran into a former student of mine in the Garvin Library, and we had a brief chat about life, its complications, and how to deal with them. The chat still is not finished, we will continue it tomorrow.

1:40 PM: I went to the Computational Linguistics Lab in Clemens Hall. I decided to arrive a bit early for the class that I have there, bumping into a few classmates and having a brief repose from the hustle and bustle of the day.

2:00 PM: I have a class on Quantitative Methods.

3:30 PM: I decided to finalize the schedule for the Open House, and I had a conversation with one of the current graduate students who would provide airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

3:45 PM: I called my roommate and found him in his lab, which is in the other side of the campus. I needed him and a witness to renew our lease for our current apartment.

4:45 PM: I finished the lease renewal, and I mailed it. On my way back, I withdrew some money from the ATM. I then found out that my balance doesn't seem right.

5:20 PM: I log into my Internet banking account, and see that I am missing a certain amount. Hopefully, it turns back into the right amount later. I then find this envelope from my bank sitting in my office, and they were asking me to provide some documents about my status as a non-US citizen. So I went ahead and photocopied my passport, and then, headed again to the mailbox to mail it.

So there, that goes my day. I still have some work to do, because this week is really explosive. Once this week is over, I would be very happy.

(Deserted waiting areas, from my Grand Central Terminal Series)

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  1. Man, that's a lot for one day especially considering you start your day at 7am!

    Looks like you're always running from one thing to another!