25 February 2008

The Reality of Pay

Recently, I have read some articles in the news about Americans complaining about immigrants, both legal and illegal. They were complaining how these immigrants are taking away the jobs of Americans because the immigrants are willing to work for lower pay.

Now I am not advocating illegal immigration. After all, one must submit oneself to the proper authorities, right?

However, I do not like the fact that the local people are complaining that they are losing their jobs because of the immigrants. The companies need a work force. If the locals don't want to provide it, then they would go to the outside world. Everything is about profit. If the company cannot afford the higher pay that the locals demand, then of course, naturally, they would resort to hiring immigrants for lower pay.

If the locals want their job back, then they should be willing to work for lower pay. Either that, or let the company go bankrupt, because they cannot afford to pay the workers.

I am amazed at why the people are surprised with these facts of life, when it simply follows my theory, that humankind is inherently evil. One wants the most oomph out of one's buck, therefore this is what happens. I am all for non-government subsidies. It is the libertarian theory of economics, the ultimate survival of the fittest. In order to survive, one must gain some, and lose some. The government should not protect companies just in order to stay afloat. Because if your product sucks, then sucks to you, you might as well be erased from the map. In this way, product quality will be more ensured, because no one will buy your product if your product sucks, therefore you will go down.

So there you go. People just have to realize that humankind operates out of this philosophy, so one shouldn't be surprised if companies hire immigrants for lower pay. Because, for these immigrants, these are quite high enough. Indeed it sucks that immigrants get a double standard, but then, less money is better than no money. And I would rather shut up and deal with it, finding ways to improve my lot if I want to, rather than whine about it and complain without removing one's butt from the couch that supports it.

(The chandeliers, from my Grand Central Terminal Series)


  1. 100% with you on that one. Besides, most people don't realize that (legal) immigrants are usually selected because of their skills, have submitted themselves to sometimes years of paperwork and immigration fees and usually start at the bottom of the ladder.

    Most people wouldn't ever take an immigrant's job...

  2. Hear! Hear! I totally agree with you. Why are the Americans complaining about legal/illegal immigrants anyway? Aren't all their forbears also immigrants? Isn't America built on immiggrants?