04 March 2008

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Open House is over, and I have about one week left before I head down to the US Southeast. My poster presentation is on its third incarnation, and I have emailed it to my adviser for further revisions. I may or may not recognize it after he revises it.

I have to write a homework for my students; they need to have it for Wednesday. I may cancel my class on Friday, given the fact that it is the Friday before Spring Break, and so depending on how many people would show up, it may or may not be worth to lecture on that day.

So there, I got one burden off my back, and that was the Open House. I have a few more ahead of me. I really am looking forward to May, but I am also watching the news on the developments of the states of affairs in the world, since someone is threatening war to some place. I do not like the sound of that.

Yesterday, I watched Baby, which is a musical about three couples expecting a baby. The first couple consists of university juniors who don't want to marry each other; the second involve an athletic married couple who have been wanting to conceive ever since; and the third involve a middle-age couple who already have three grown children. It was amusing, entertaining, and educational as well.

So there, that's what's new and exciting for me, at the moment.

Ok, back to work.

(Modern building, from my New York City Series)


  1. kuya saan ka ba pupunta sa Columbia o sa Venezuela kasi nakapunta ka na sa Ecuador last year

  2. Baby sounds interesting. You get a lot of culture in Buffalo, don't you? Enjoy your spring break! :)

  3. my fan,

    Bakit? Iyan ba ang hula mo? Hmmmmmm.... By the way, Columbia is a university in New York City, not a country.