04 March 2008

Cool Down

Things are starting to cool down here, stressfully-speaking.

I have finished revising my poster, and I have passed it over to my adviser. Now it is his turn to revise. I will then get the revised version later today, and then I would be a guest in the lab of another professor in a different department, just so that we would know how the general crowd in the conference will take it.

That means that after tomorrow, basically, all I need to worry about is printing the poster, and my adviser will take care of it as well, since he is having it reimbursed.

Then, all I need to do is wait.

And as I wait, I am monitoring the situation in other parts of the world. I knew it that my Central European fan base would be reacting in accord to my statement in my previous post. Anyway, the good thing is that there seems to be no bad development with regard to that situation today. That is good, because I don't want the situation to escalate.

It made me think of other destinations that I want to go to, in the future. One trip that I would want to make is Belgium and Luxembourg. I can fly to Brussels, then take ground transportation to Antwerp, then proceed to Liege, and then proceed to Luxembourg. For a total of about two weeks. And I randomly plugged dates to it, and guess what, a flight from Buffalo to Brussels and returning from Luxembourg to Buffalo just costs around USD 630.00! The visa thing is the only hassle for this one. Ah, I'll probably do that sometime, since even though I have been to Europe a couple of times already, I miss the place.

The above paragraph then suggests that Europe is not my destination for this May vacation that I am taking. My Central European fan base can take note of that.

(Apartments in Chinatown, from my New York City Series)


  1. Brussels is one of my favorite European cities (which includes Amsterdam and The Hague). When are you going there.

    It's good that things are cooling down for you... you need a break. :)

  2. Toe,

    Have you been to Brussels? I plan to go there, but not in the near future. I already have plans lined-up up to 2009, and Europe is not involved at all. I'm planning to visit a continent I haven't visited yet, in the near future.