31 March 2008


I discussed ideophones in class today. It was funny.

The thing is, it was a good segue to discussing non-click sounds in African languages and the languages in Africa that have click sounds. The reason is because non-click languages sometimes borrowed click sounds to use for their ideophones.

Anyway, look at the following sentences.

1) The rabbit goes hippety-hop.
2) He has so much bling-bling.

Ideophones are usually words that enrich or enhance the situation. They are words that convey the vivid description of a certain sensation or sensory perception. When I was in Japan, I encountered those words, because Japanese have plenty of those. Anyway, it was fun, because, the ideophones usually sound funny, so when I played the record in class, it was hilarious.

(Theater Lamps, from my New York City Series)


  1. Oooh... ideophones sound like fun. I keep thinking of gayspeak though... "ang daming chienes-chienes at chuva-chuva." :) Puwede ba yon sa ideophones? :)

  2. Toe,

    Mukhang hindi. Kasi, by definition, ideophones are somewhat desriptive of sensory perceptions or actions. Eh yung mga gayspeak na iyan, some sort of filler lang naman... But they're weird nonetheless.