15 March 2008

LIW Presents a Poster and Encounters a Dilemma

So today was the day in which I had to present my poster. I already had it displayed around the coffee break in the morning, and so things were already ready. By the end of the afternoon session, I had put the CDs which would serve as a hand-out on the pocket that I have attached to my panel.

Needless to say, the poster presentation went good. My co-author (who happens to be my adviser) and I took turns manning the poster, so the other can snoop around and visit other posters that one finds interesting. A number of people came, and depending on who was stationed, I or my adviser gave them a walk-through of what the poster was about. And most of the people who stopped by found the work very interesting.

I also visited a couple of posters by someone from the other side of the country. I am very interested in what she does, and so it was very interesting to see how she was doing her research. It was great to see similar minds gather in one place to discuss what keeps us busy.

So during the course of this conference, I was presented with a dilemma that a number of people have already pointed out to me, and that is, what I want to become. Should I become a semanticist, and thus specialize more in theoretical stuff in semantics? Or should I be an experimentalist, and pursue more about what this conference was about? I was weighing the options, and taking suggestions from the people around me.

So there, the big event is over. There still is a final day of conference presentations tomorrow, but as for me, I have nothing more to worry about. All I have to do tomorrow is attend the conference, then pack my stuff. Then Sunday morning, I head to the airport and go home.

Then, I will update my CV, and my website as well. Some people said that they would prefer having my poster on my website so they can download it, so I might as well do that.

(Solomon Guggenheim Museum, from my New York City Series)


  1. NY, one of the venues of a conference i'm requesting to attend. keeping my fingers crossed my bosses will approve :P

  2. Can't help much with the dilemma... sorry! I know for myself I don't like going too deep into theories. A little bit is fine but I need to feel I'm making things better, even though it's only by teaching. Researching is fine too... for a while.

    Glad to hear everything went well though!