11 March 2008

Ready to Go

So, everything regarding my conference preparation is almost done. I have already reconfirmed my flights, I have already reconfirmed my hotel, and I have called for a taxi to pick me up tomorrow morning. My poster is already printed, and we already have additional materials to give away to people that are interested.

All I need to do is to pack my clothes into my luggage. But before that, I need to iron my laundry. I did laundry yesterday night, and today, I will be on the ironing board doing them, so that I don't have laundry that is left unironed when I get back.

In the meantime, right now I am at school, blogging a little bit. I will take care of my infant for a while today, and then I will leave for home earlier than usual to do my chores. I also am planning to sleep early tonight, due to the fact that my flight leaves early in the morning, and I need to wake up at 3:00 AM to be at the airport on time.

Ah, the joys of flying. I guess I fly more than the average person in the world, but still, I get excited whenever I am off the ground. I have met people here in the United States that have spent all their lives in one area, and so flying is a rarity for them. They should be excited whenever there is a chance to fly.

I on the other hand will have flown a total of 60 flights all in all, counting the flights that I will be on for my vacation this May (Speaking of that, I am glad that the 2008 Andean diplomatic crisis is already resolved.). I keep a database of all of my flights ever since I started flying at the age of 3. Overall, by this May, I would have flown a total of 233 hours and 57 minutes. That is equal to 9.7 days, or 1.4 weeks. I would have flown a total of 107,674 miles, or 173,285 kilometers. I would have circumnavigated the earth 4.32 times, and if connected in a straight line, that distance would be almost half-way to the moon from the earth (0.451 times to be exact). My longest flight so far was from Manila to Los Angeles, back in 1985, which was 11,753 kilometers, and took 13 hours and 34 minutes. My shortest flight was Cleveland to Buffalo, back in 2005, which was 308 kilometers, and took 37 minutes. I have crossed every timezone in the planet. The northernmost airport I had been to was Prague, and the southernmost airport would be Cuzco after May this year. I would have passed by a total of 30 airports, ridden on a total of 18 airlines, 13 aircraft types, flown on 55 routes in 13 countries.

Wow, statistics can be fun!

(The New York Public Library, from my New York City Series)


  1. OMG! You've logged all your flights since you were 3??? That's a lot of miles! :)

  2. Toe,

    Yes, I have found a site called flightmemory.com where you can log all your flights and out comes these crazy and interesting statistical facts!