02 March 2008


So, it is a Sunday. The Open House Weekend has finally ended. I don’t think there are any casualties, but it is too early to tell, since it is just morning and the departing flights continue up to early evening. But hopefully, things go smoothly.

I am annoyed at my fingers; they couldn’t make up the mind as to whether they would use the standard typing convention, or whether they would continue to stick to the typing convention that I have been used to. It makes my typing slow. But the good thing is, I am now using my fourth and fifth fingers on my left hand. So this means I use my pinkie to press the letter A and my ring finger to press the letter S.

I slept for 12 hours yesterday. I just needed it. I came back home around 6:30 PM from Rochester, and from there, I just jumped in bed and slept all the way through. I woke up around 1:00 AM, but I just continued sleeping. I received a few calls in the middle of sleep; calls from my sister, my friends, but I just ignored them and continued sleeping. It was a good nice twelve-hour sleep. Very refreshing.

So, Open House is over, and so currently, the most important thing in my list is my poster presentation. I need to revise it today, and then my adviser will revise it tomorrow as well. Then we will present it to a different lab in order to see the reaction of the people there, and once we do the final revision, then we print it.

I also have to write a homework for my students. They need one for Wednesday. I can probably do it today. After all, I already have a collection of questions I use for my class, I will just sift and pick what is needed.

After Spring Break (which includes the conference I am attending), I will have some funding proposals to read. I am again a part of a review panel from the Graduate School. So that would be interesting. Another thing to put on my CV I suppose.

So there, things are moving along, and I am happy that they do so without any casualties. I really cannot wait for May, when I fly to some undisclosed location and pretend I am Lara Croft, raiding tombs and unlocking the mystical secrets of the world.

(The bridge again from a different perspective, from my New York City Series)

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  1. Going with Lara Croft? Oh no, as Lara Croft... sorry, misread! :D

    That's exactly why I gave up on the typing lessons ;)