23 March 2008

Seagulls and the Advent of Spring

Spring is finally here. The temperature is still low (unfortunately), but the sun is out, and it is slowly melting the snow on the ground. That is a good sign.

But the better sign is the fact that I am now seeing animals that I used to not see during the winter. Like the seagulls for example. They have started appearing around the area, picking on food. That is a good sign.

Earlier today, I saw the parking lot of the church that is near my house. It was unusually packed. I guess that's because it is Easter. They are rejoicing that Jesus is finally alive, after 3 days of death.

Anyway, during times like these, it reminds me of Igor Stravinsky. He composed the famous ballet La Sacre du Printemps, also known as The Rite of Spring. I like that music, with the barbaric dissonant chords, striking the silence, beginning with the bassoon. It really paints a picture of melting snow, and the ritualistic dances that accompany the arrival of spring.

Anyway, here is a video of a performance. It is just the first of five. You can find the links for the remainder on the page if you go to YouTube itself.

So there, I am happy that finally, the weather is slowly warming up. I am excited to take my vacation, and I only have 6 more weeks of wait.

(Another angle of St. Patrick's, from my New York City Series)

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