20 March 2008

Subtract 76 from 63 then Refer to Table

So, I sat down and did my taxes today. It was a pain, it made my ass hurt.

Anyway, so I downloaded the appropriate forms yesterday, and today, I brought my W-2 and other forms that were relevant to the task. Then, during the times in which I didn't have class, I sat down and did the thing. It was simple and complicated at the same time.

The fact that I am now treated as a resident for tax purposes somehow makes the thing more complicated. I now get asked questions such as "Are you a farmer?" or "Do you have a dependent you are claiming for your tax return?"

My goodness, it is complicated to have money in this world. But then again, it is more complicated if one doesn't have money, so I just shut up and did the thing.

It ended up that I owed the federal government and the state a little money, due to the fact that apparently, they were taking a little less than what was supposed to be taken out of my paycheck. So, I did the proper paperwork, and they will then automatically withdraw the amount from my bank account.

Anyway, so that was that.

On a different and happier note, I received a gift card from the department. They gave it to me in appreciation for the effort that I did a couple of weeks ago for the Open House. Now, I can buy a book that I need online. Talk about perfect timing!

Aside from that, other stuff that sort of concerned me was updating my website and CV. I have recently did that due to the fact that the department needed an updated CV from me anyway, since it is almost the end of the semester, and they needed to evaluate the students for their progress. I am happy to say that I have added some entries to my CV recently, since I had done a couple of presentations here and there recently.

So there, there is improvement.

And speaking of improvement, my baby Magnus is slowly growing. He grows at a rate of about a couple of paragraphs each day. I never let a day pass without adding at least a small paragraph to it. That way, I ensure that it progresses, and therefore I could pass a draft of it to my adviser pretty soon.

(Lamps and a staircase, from my New York City Series)

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  1. Ah, this time of the year again... I have to do my taxes when I come back. Mine are easy because I'm an employee (although I did stuffs as a consultant last year) but hubby's are a headache... self-employed.

    I usually get some money back -- hope it's still the case! I didn't feel richer last year so should be ;-)