05 March 2008

To Be Squeezed or Not To Be Squeezed

I was hungry today. I didn't have lunch in the regular hours I usually have them. I had a class at 11:00, and after an hour, I immediately proceeded to the lab meeting of a professor in the Psychology Department. I sort of was a guest member, for that meeting, due to the fact that me and my adviser (who happens to be a member of that lab) wanted to do a dry-run of our poster with a crowd of psychologists.

And we got positive comments. I will then revise the poster one last time (hopefully) tonight, and then tomorrow morning, I will e-mail the poster to my adviser and he will take care of the final revisions.

Then Friday morning we print it.

I canceled my class for this Friday. I got the feeling that most of the people will not show up anyway, so I might as well cancel it. Instead, I made it office hours, and so a number of my students already told me that they wanted to see me for some clarifications regarding the material.

Yesterday, I had a chat with my folks. First was with my Dad. He told me that my mother was curious regarding where I will be heading for summer. I wonder why she is so curious, when come to think of it, she knows where I will be heading. 2 years ago, I was already voicing my desire to visit this place. She knows where I am heading, I guess she just forgot about it.

Then my father was saying that my chat with my mom was intense last night, and when I asked why, he said that every sentence was accompanied with a laugh, or a moan, or some other vocal gesture.

My father asked whether there is a Philippine Embassy in the place I am heading to. I said that there isn't, but the places I am heading to is under jurisdiction of Philippine Embassy Santiago and Philippine Embassy Brasilia.

So there, I will have two new entry stamps in my passport this summer, and I cannot wait.

I asked my father why my mother always wants to squeeze information from me. He then told me that it is simply advisable to give my mother some juice.

I am sort of disappointed that I wasn't able to submit an abstract for another conference later this year. It was supposed to be a conference on something that I am really interested in, which is temporality. However, the abstract submission was done this past week, and I was so busy with this other conference that I am heading down to next week, so I decided to pass.

Come to think of it, I am still a student. I still have other duties to do, like classes, and so I cannot do research full-time yet. Perhaps at this point, one conference a year will suffice.

This implies my next plan. There is a conference regarding Austronesian languages (which is also related to what I do research in) and it will be held in France during the summer. I may be in Manila doing experimental research for my dissertation during this period, and so I might be flying from Manila instead of Buffalo for this one. The deadline for submitting abstracts isn't until the end of September.

Somehow, I see my summer of 2009 to be very busy. I am foreseeing the fact that I will be in Manila to conduct experiments, and I will also have to be there to renew my visa (which expires that month), and in the middle of it, I may find myself in the middle of the French Alps presenting a talk on my research.

(The Winter Garden, from my New York City Series)


  1. aha, sa Peru ka yata pupunta para doon sa iyong pichu-pichu hhehehehheheh

  2. it would be so cool if we meet in france ;) hahaha!